About us



Welcome on Apartments Sekulic web presentation. We are happy that you give us a full confidence.

Apartments Sekulic are situated in the most beautiful part of Becici, near hotel Queen of Montenegro. We are not far from the beach ( 400m ) and the other content, but still separated from everyday happenings. So guests can have full peace and comfort.

We started working from 1999. year, and from then till now we learned, and we are still learning a lot about people and about their habits. Through guests suggestions, reviews, praise we attend to improve our offers and to be better, perfect. In our apartments we classified everything what guests need through their vacation, so they  can feel comfortable and pleasant.
Also, we are always there for our guests, so if they have some questions they can contaw us 24/7.
From the beginning, we are known as the best offers in our neighborhood.

Thank everyone who were in our place and one who will be our guests in a future too. Come and enjoy. We are expecting  you.

Sincerely yours,

Regards from Becici



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